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5-2-5 comic

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One question about Apathy.

'Who cares about Apathy?'


Is the apathy due to the author, or just what Carbon has to say?

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This one's gonna take a while to explain. It's a long drawn out statement of something I find mildly amusing and think needs to be said about things in general.

It's not very funny, but I wanted to do it.

On the other hand, I've wanted to get some things straight in my head and the comic has suffered because of it. I'm starting to think more about my child-to-be and my humor has suffered from most of it.

Also, the phrase: "Apathy, can you feel it? I can't" was supposed to be a joke, a play on words. The idea came about when we were discussing about my play method in PvP games. I tend to just sit there and let them kill me and then go about my business. I have no desire to kill other players and if they want to kill me, that's their business. I get my corpse and move on. So, the point was I was suffering from Apathy in concerns for PvP. and I thought to myself:

"If someone was diagnosed with Apathy, would they really care?"

The wonder drug of the Future: Zintarex, cure for Apathy!
Too bad no one cared enough to buy any of it.
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OIC. I didn't see the "I can't" so I have to go back and look again, if I feel like it. :)