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*idly watches a tumbleweed roll through*

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I check in every once in a while in hopes of an update, Aeire. If you've given up Xenith completely, can you let us know?

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All right, this is something Aeire said recently in the forum for her other comic, Queen of Wands, as part of a little history lesson of her comic-creating... (for the full post, click here)
Beginning of April 2000, all of a sudden I had a new scanner - and also I had this little program that someone had given me called Dreamweaver, and I had instructions on how to use FTP, and I had the ability to do a strip all on my own. Chosen for the strip was a little story that I had written when I was back in high school about the concept of utopia and what precisely that meant and whether or not it was possible to keep one or have one - this really nutball little dark story called Xenith. Xenith launched on May 5th, 2001 - the archives are still up and available at http://xenith.keenspace.com, for those interested. That one started off with a bang - people seemed interested in where it was going. I had obtained a cheap-ass tablet as well, which I used for drawing the first strip, and I was using all kind of different media for it - pencils for some, watercolour for others, chalk pastel for others. Xenith was meant to run for precisely one year and end one year after it began.

Obviously, this didn't work out quite right. The problem with Xenith is that while it is in my mind a good story, it is also a very depressing story - and it was making me unhappy when I worked on it. At that point, I decided to keep Xenith as an experimental strip - and I do update it occasionally when I have time to do so (actually there's an update in the works that has been in the works for awhile now - go fig) - but that it would not have a 'regular' update schedule, and would be the strip wherein I play with different art forms and the internet itself as a canvas.
To give all of us hope, I might call special attention to that last bit where she says there's an update in the works.

So, no worries, it doesn't seem to be dead, just not a priority. Meantime, Queen of Wands is wonderful...try it out. I avoided it at first, but then found it to be just as addictive as Xenith. Aeire just has the magic webcomic touch, I suppose.