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what was the famous secret service raid on Steve Jackson Games you may ask? well I will fill you in. <P>About a decade ago, sjg, the makers of role playing games and table top, move the counter by hand games were targeted by the secret service for running a bulletonboard that some hackers they were watching frequented. <P>While this was the reason for the raid, they hit hard and they hit without discretion of anysort. Taking from sjg not only the bulletonboard server but other machines with important business files and text for upcoming book releases. <P>What caught the secret services' eye was GURPS Cyberpunk, a computer hacker rpg setting. Not real in any way but a bunch of tables and information to be used in role playing games. Games as I said that are played with dice, paper and pencils. The secret service felt this was a manual for hacking and led everyone to believe for months that this was the reason behind their raid. (The real reason, about twenty bucks in stolen Bell South telephone documents on the administrative structure of 911 systems was sealed by court order)<P>In this raid the agents tore open boxed in the warehouse, ate freely from a jar of jelly beans on a desk, bent letter openers in attempting to break into file cabinets etc...<P>Why bring this up? Well its sort of the inspiration behind the little sub story line that I have going on here at the end of this week and I thought I'd clue you in. <P>I'm outa here.<P>------------------
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