Postby Zoing on Tue Aug 17, 2004 9:15 am

Hi Miss Lundy,

Those afternoon i was looking to my mail and, woohoow !,
there was new sweet Nougat Post :-)
I am sorry, that you get Problems to post the Picts...
What i wont to tell you:
Something is wrong with the

*secret special thing for the mailing list only! :wink: ~K.A.L.*

Thanks for the new Colorpicts with Sandra.
"She is a Criminal", he,he, what will Sandra doing?
OMG - next Fight with Mira :-)
Maybe she wear a Fightingcostuem??
You make the Colors with Photoshop or with Painter ?

Have a good Time and not much Stress !

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Postby CorruptDictatorNumber2 on Tue Aug 17, 2004 9:41 am

Hey Zoing! Don't go telling all the secrets of the mailing list! :wink: If people want to find out, they'll just have to join.

Hope you don't mind that I edited your post... :D

Zoing wrote:You make the Colors with Photoshop or with Painter ?

When I do computer coloring, I use the GIMP... It can do pretty much everything Photoshop can do, and it's 100% free. (Check it out at!)

This most recent page, however, was colored by hand with Prismacolor markers.

haaaave you heard the news that you're dead
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