Found an ad that downloaded spyware?

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Found an ad that downloaded spyware?

Postby STrRedWolf on Sat Jun 26, 2004 8:18 pm

We know that some folks are getting spyware supposedly from us, and they use IE on Windows.

IT'S NOT FROM US. We're trying to track down an ad provider who's been spreading this plague. However, there is something you can do.

IF YOU SEE IT HAPPEN ON ANY KEENSPOT COMIC (they have the KeenSpot bar up top of every page, as well as the KeenSpot newsbox), then you can help. We've hidden an advertizer number between the Pair Hosting ad and the "Select a Spot" ad. You need to select between the two to see it. Copy that number, what the ad is advertizing, what site it was on, and what time it is, and send it all down to keenspot (at) keenspot (dotta) com.

IF YOU WANT TO ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY GARUNTEE YOU DON'T GET ANY JUNK ON ANY KEEN SITE WITH IE, then sign up for KeenSpot Premium. Not only will you get ad-free browsing, you get a little something for your trouble like exclusive content from 'Spot artists. We're also working on extending that exclusive content to 'Space too, including Weekly archives!

Of course, you can also download Mozilla, which not only blocks popups natively, but also doesn't let adware install stuff without your knowledge. But then... you won't be supporting your favorite 'spot and 'space artists!
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