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Postby K-Dawg on Sat Nov 25, 2000 9:38 am

Hi i'm the artist of Hockey Hooligans K-Dawg, how things work on this site is we have episodes that we try to have finished each month, but while u wait for the episodes we do some shorts to keep you entertained. So keep checking back cause soon we'll be back on track.<P>------------------
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Postby Slick on Thu Jan 11, 2001 1:27 am

I think my friend on the creative side of Hockey Hooligans, Keon, seems to have forgotten one slight point about how Hockey Hooligans works. We need fans to view it idiot! I don't see any guestbook siginings, no messages in the forum. For all i know you could be viewing this site yourself 50 times a day (our average). What would be nice is if (subliminal message arriving) fans signed the guestbook and posted their thoughts in the forum. <P>------------------
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