[ADMIN] Final forum/wiki DB backup 6pm Eastern

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[ADMIN] Final forum/wiki DB backup 6pm Eastern

Postby STrRedWolf on Sat Oct 04, 2008 8:39 am

Okay, folks. At 6pm Eastern today I will be shutting down the web server here on Sandy (the forum/wiki server) and backing up all the databases. They will then be moved to the newer server (Barker) and restored there before the DNS is set up.

BTW, last time it lasted 15 minutes. I don't expect this to take more than 30 minutes.

As a side effect of the move, SITEADMIN ACCESS WILL LAG AT LEAST OVERNIGHT. Creating a forum account will not automatically give you access to Siteadmin. I'll have this set to sync at least overnight -- hopefully we'll have it sync every few hours until we can update the DB server on Cecilia.
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