Dragon Kingdoms: Dawn of a New Era

Dragon Kingdoms: Dawn of a New Era

Postby Dragonkingdoms on Thu May 11, 2006 1:04 am

Yes, soon, VERY soon, there will be a new comic series- Dragon Kingdoms: Dawn of a New Era! And this one's going to have everything I planned to do for this comic, yet didn't get it done (mainly because the Archive is so large!)

Dragon Kingdoms: Dawn of a New Era will have
- Its own index page, and eventually its own site.
- Character descriptions and pictures
- Maps of the quest area
- Description of each episode
- Freedom! It's not limited to six panels, nor do they have to be square or rectangle shaped!

Not everything will be up the first day (it's impossible to have archives, for example, when there aren't any), of course.

I'm planning to have the comic start on SATURDAY, May 13th. This doesn't mean all comics will be on Saturdays. They'd usually be between Tuesday and Saturday, though some may come as late as Sunday or even Monday!
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