Why wait for a hero?

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Why wait for a hero?

Postby Itwast on Sat Jul 14, 2007 9:53 am

I'd love to know the meaning of that title/question.

Let me speculate:

1) If Celeste saves herself, does that make her her own hero?
2) If no one saves her, then there is no hero. Then what happens to her?

Conclusion: No one saves her from her predicament.

3) Celeste is very weak now, both physically and mentally. She's probably had a concussion from her fall. She's probably undernourished and dehydrated. Her arms hurt like hell. If released from her manacales, her arms and wrists will probably hurt for weeks. Hopefully, she's not disclocated any bones or torn any tendons. And don't forget PTSD. I'm being realistic here.
4) Celeste either dies or becomes subservient. Both seem unlikely prospects to me.
5) We will learn how crafty and intelligent Celeste is. She'll have to be from this point on to survive and to possibly triumph over her captor/s.

Quasimodo!! Are you nearby? Esmeralda's not the only maiden in need of someone strong but a bit misunderstood like you to assist her. Save them both and you've two grateful ladies in waiting. Victor Hugo, my apologies.
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