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Historical Garb

Postby Itwast on Tue Jun 05, 2007 4:42 pm

Mel, I love :D your blog of 10/17/06 re: historical accuracy and the depiction of how Marie Claire and Celeste would have actually appeared in contrast to your contemporary strip's depiction of them.

They must have been sweltering :ick: in all that clothing :cry: . And they probably didn't bathe very often. Also, their faces looked grim, stern and old. Young people of the time probably just looked out-and-out old, what with poor hygiene, crummy nutrition and the stresses of living in a semi-civilized mostly barbaric age. :(

That high forehead routine reminds me of those Chinese women who used to bind their feet to make them small and, therefore, attractive to the men of that culture, who for some stupid reason coveted "small" feet. But I just can't imagine how they could be turned on by such a deformity. And, too, wouldn't the guy have said "hey, your foot's not really small - you're cheating!!" So much for integrity, right? D:
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