Chapter ii: Arms and a Man

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Chapter ii: Arms and a Man

Postby Spqrblues on Wed Mar 28, 2007 7:25 am

For questions about and discussion of the second chapter.

Dramatis Personae
  • Felix (Marcus Antonius Felix): Teenager who would rather be a soldier than an accountant. Fancy that.
  • Mus: Felix's babysitting charge; a tiny boy with a big imagination. Looking for giraffes.
  • Mus' little sister: Her pet name for her brother is "Daui." Her own name is not mentioned.
  • Antonius and Antonia: Felix's parents. They share a home in Alexandria with Mus' grandfather and help him run the fish-pickle sauce business.
  • Mus' Parents and Grandparents: Would benefit from having names.
  • Recruitment Officer, Legion I Adiutrix, Herculaneum: Not easily fooled.
  • Recruitment Officer, Legions III and XXII, Alexandria, Egypt: Has a soft spot for people named Marcus Antonius.
  • Felix's Legion: Very good at digging drainage ditches.
  • Centurion: Sarge in Judaea for the sixth cohort, an elite battalion of the best of the youngest soldiers.
  • Lolla: Camp follower in Judaea, looking for a temporary husband. Has a young son, Damon.
  • Nero: Emperor. Unpredictable and underqualified. Not much loved by his army. Or anyone else, really.
  • Vespasian: Overall commander of the military campaign in Judaea. Gathering a vast army of his own legions, detachments from other legions, and auxiliaries. Has two sons: Titus, a legionary commander; and Domitian, who likes to party.
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