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For discussing SPQR Blues (the mostly daily webcomic), Vesuvius (the mostly disgruntled volcano), and obscure facts about ancient Rome.

Welcome to the Forum

Postby Spqrblues on Wed Mar 28, 2007 7:01 am

Rather than replace the LiveJournal discussion, this forum will be an adjunct area for:
  • discussing older comics that are no longer easily accessible via LJ
  • collecting all the factoids about Roman life that come up in the comics
  • chatting about ongoing storylines and characters
  • seeing the colour versions of strips
  • participating in random polls like... who should get married before the volcano blows....

Sort of like how Hadrian's Forum was an adjunct to the Forum Romanum and the Forum Boarium. Hooboy, ancient Rome just cracks me up.

I'll start general topics for each chapter, but if there's a specific older comic you'd like to comment on in depth, please feel free to start a topic for it. Use the chapter and part number as a topic name, if you can. That ought to work.

And there will be the occasional Picnic by the Styx.
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