The Ground Rules

Discussion of the comic "Somewhere I Belong" and anything else deemed awesome.

The Ground Rules

Postby Zhongda on Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:27 pm

Feel free to discuss anything that's awesome.

However, if you start talking about things that are totally not awesome, then expect some totally not awesome things to happen. Mainly, I will call you out for being not awesome!

Most unawesome things are purely common sense, but here is my current list of topics that I deem totally unawesome to talk about:

Unawesome Things
· Football a.k.a. Soccer
· Men's Tennis
· Men's Volleyball
· Women's Basketball
· Golf
· Racing
· Pro G-Unit
· Anti Diplomats/Dipset
· "Intellectual" debates*

*These debates include but are not limited to religion, evolution, abortion, is Cameron Giles a good rapper, etc. Arguments on the internet are pointless, aye!

Abide by the Comic Genesis message board rules, play safe, and play ball I guess.
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