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Project Wonderful

Postby Alina P on Fri Jan 26, 2007 6:52 am

I noticed you've got some ads up on Project Wonderful. (And on Scary Go Round, no less!!) How's that been working for you?
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Project Wonderful-- OH YES!!

Postby Americangothic on Mon Jan 29, 2007 2:16 pm

I have had great success with Project Wonderful and I recommend it highly.

I spend about 30 bucks a month, but I get a good number of hits. With Dr.McNinja I went from 96 visitors a day to about 350 per day. I cant complain.

And the good thing is...most of them seem to be sticking around.

I don't get as many hits with Scary Go Round, but I am looking for that specific target audience...folks who like supernatural weirdness. They are the ones I want to keep.

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