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Postby Calliope on Sun Nov 11, 2001 7:31 am

Monday's comic will be late. How late, I don't know. No later than Wednesday (but by then it wouldn't be Monday's comic, would it? Unless I did a double comic or something).<P>My sleeping schedule is getting scrambled up again. And I am trying to devote more time to writing, as well, now that I have some.<P>On the other hand, I did spend the weekend reading. Something I've not done in a very long time, and I've missed it dearly. I've gotten lazy, only forty pages an hour...<P>I finished reading LotR. Now it feels like a great burden is lifted from me. Not that I didn't like the book...I just didn't like it, either. (It's not as perplexing as it sounds. Sort it out <IMG SRC="">) And now I'm despairing over my own writing. Not because it mimics LotR - far, far from it - but because of the fact that it's so different. I'd almost say that my most recent first-draft-in-progress reads like literary fiction. Ugh.<P>------------------
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Postby ZOMBIE USER 1425 on Mon Nov 12, 2001 2:28 am

Hi, Calli!<P>Glad to see you're taking some time to read. I haven't read for pleasure in...far too long. Erk. I guess LotR is appropriate these days, eh? The movie's probably done more to boost sales of the book than anything else in the history of the series.<P>I feel like you do about LotR. It's okay, it did some groundbreaking stuff with multiple points of view (switching between the different groups), but it's not spectacular when compared to modern fiction. Back when it was written, of course, it was amazing. These days? *shrug*<P>Take it easy, okay? <IMG SRC=""><P>------------------
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Postby Cannonshop on Mon Nov 12, 2001 9:13 am

Hey, Lord of The Rings was a good thrill-ride when I was in Junior High, but, what I picked up, was the way He did the "liner Notes"- (I actually liked the Silmarillion better, but, then again, I'm a RW History Junkie...) As for reading like "Literary" fiction, Calli-as long as the subject isn't boring, and the Characters are good, people <I>WILL</I> read it. Besides, there is quite a bit of "Literary" Sci-Fi out there.
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Postby Baka_sama317 on Tue Nov 20, 2001 12:36 pm

I read <U>LotR</U> a long, LONG time ago. I remember it in bits and pieces... When I read the entire Tolkein Trilogy, I was in eighth grade (that's 1990-91, and age 13, for those of you keeping track). So, I'm going to have to read it again before I go see the movie.
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