WtR Moderation Policy.

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WtR Moderation Policy.

Postby Shadowmimiiru on Mon Oct 16, 2006 4:33 pm


Below is a general list of rules regarding the use of the ClanBOB Forum. These rules are a guideline to help forum users, ease any concerns and alleviate the "I didn't know!" syndrome. Moderators (mods) reserve the final say in the draft and interpretation of these rules, which are loosely based on ClanBOB's Moderation Policy.


Each violation contains a progression of penalties. They are ordered in such a way that number 1 will be the reprisal for the first offence in that category, number 2 will be the next step up should you become a repeat offender, etc. Please note that depending on the severity of the action, as determined by the moderators, the progression of penalties may be completely bypassed where the result is immediate, permanent suspension from these forums.

1. Warning: A written warning from the mods, over the forums’ Private Messaging system, via contact details listed in a forum user’s profiles, or through a response to the offending post.
2. Probation: Your are placed on probation. The mods will be watching, and any further offence will result in immediate suspension. A record will be kept of probationary users.
3. Suspension: You are suspended from the board for one week. After that week, you will again be in a probationary state; if you violate the rule again, you will be banned immediately.
4. Banning: Self-explanatory. The user is banned from the ClanBOB forums and will be notified of this as with a warning. If there is no way to contact you, it becomes your responsibility to contact one of the mods for an explanation of why you are banned. A record will be kept of banned users.

Note also that, should one person consistently collect warnings for numerous offences yet not progress beyond the warning stage in any one of them, moderators reserve the right to determine an appropriate penalty for the severity and total number of all warnings. This should not be a game to see how many warnings you can collect without being punished. :)


1. Accounts
Offensive, vulgar, obscene, threatening, or hateful account names will not be allowed. This is fairly common sense, folks.


1. Warning
2. Banning

2. Posting
Offensive, vulgar, obscene, threatening, or hateful posts will not be allowed. This is quite a bit more subjective than rule 1, but as always, the mods have final say in the matter. This rule generally applies to trolls, but is not for babysitting purposes. A user who insults another once isn’t about to get banned for it.

Posts that will be considered to violate the rules include, but are not limited to:

* Pornographic or obscene stories, movies and material, or links to them
* Not-safe-for-work images and movies, or links to them (the mods have discretion to decide what is not safe for work, with no request for image pre-approval granted -- just be sensible, please)
* Threatening another user
* Repeated flames
* Spoilers -- unless the information is clearly general knowledge, please put book, film etc. spoilers behind the spoiler tag offered by these forums, and avoid using such information in thread titles


1. Warning and thread/reply deletion
2. Probation
3. Suspension
4. Banning

3. Spam
Unsolicited and/or multiple posting of threads/replies for the purposes of advertising, or multiple posts with little to no content within a short period of time, will not be allowed. No, we're not going to delete a post from a valid forum member advertising his or her new website if done only once, but members should not clutter the forum with useless posts, pushing posts with actual content off the front page. "Useless" is subjective, and up to the mods' discretion.


1. Warning and/or thread/reply deletion
2. Probation
3. Suspension
4. Banning

4. Signatures and avatars
Offensive, vulgar, obscene, threatening, or hateful signatures and avatars will not be allowed. Please note, vulgar for these purposes means not-safe-for-work (at the mods’ discretion, with no request for image pre-approval granted -- just be sensible, please).


1. Warning
2. Probation
3. Suspension
4. Banning

5. Unreasonable length / size of signatures, avatars and posts.
Below is a general guideline of the acceptable sizes for sigs, avatars and posts. Anything larger tends to cause problems, and can really play havoc with those of us who use lower screen resolutions.

* Avatars (the image under your name): 150 pixels wide, 200 pixels high at the absolute maximum.
* Signatures: 600 pixels wide, 150 pixels high plus two lines of Tiny/Small text at most
* Posts: long strings of text without line breaks (e.g. typing 100 letters with no spaces) can throw off the formatting of the page. If you intend to use a long string, please add line breaks.
* Pictures: if you are posting a picture, please try to scale it down so that it fits in the general size of the board without forcing other users to scroll horizontally.


1. Warning and/or thread/reply deletion to restore the forum formatting
2. Probation
3. Suspension

6. Posting in the correct forum
We all know the General Discussion forum gets the most visitors. However, if your post is about anime, please direct it to the Entertainment forum; requests for technical assistance should go to Tech/Geek; and the same goes for video games, role-playing games etc. Threads found in what the mods consider the wrong forum will be moved. This also applies to threads in which topic drift has changed the subject to something more suitable for a different forum.

7. Leeching:
Leeching is the linking of images from someone else's server without their permission for use in your sig, avatar, or post. This is considered rude and is essentially bandwidth theft so, while this rule will not be strongly enforced, forum users are encouraged to be sensible and respect other, particularly smaller, websites. Remember, there are plenty of free image-hosting services around, and several BOBs have offered to do it for others.

In what the mods consider extreme cases, penalties will be:

1. Warning
2. Probation
3. Suspension


While this moderation policy encourages a fairly hands-off approach from the mods, they are nevertheless expected to:

* Where applicable, approve new users’ accounts
* Remove spam from the board
* Manage threads (e.g. stickying / unstickying, moving discussions to the appropriate forums)
* Make generally agreed modifications to the forums
* Enforce (and follow!) the rules listed above
* Maintain a record of all major actions taken in the course of moderation, and discuss such actions with other mods
* Remain impartial and act in good faith


If mods persistently abuse their responsibilities in a suitably serious fashion, or are absent from their duties for a protracted period without good cause, their moderator status and associated privileges may be revoked by the procedure set out here. Complaints regarding moderators that do not meet either of those criteria should instead be discussed directly by any aggrieved party with the mod in question or, in situations where either party considers this unacceptable, through another mod acting as intermediary.

If forum users do consider a moderator meets one or both of the criteria for removal, the following process must be observed:

1. A formal complaint must be lodged with a minimum of two moderators other than the offending party by at least three forum account holders.
2. Those moderators in receipt of the complaint must review it, in conjunction with the site administrator if those moderators request his or her involvement. Consensus (or majority decision, if no consensus can be reached, the site admin to have the casting vote) should be reached among the reviewers regarding the validity of the complaint.
3. If the reviewers decide the complaint does not merit removal of the mod in question, they are required to notify the complaining parties and recommend a resolution as discussed above.
4. If the reviewers feel any violations of moderation duties merit further action, they are promptly required to put a clear motion of censure against the offending party before the forums at large (preferably in the forum dedicated to community announcements).
5. All those who have held an account on the forums for at least two months before the posting of the motion and made at least ten posts in that time are then eligible to vote on the motion. The voting period shall last for between one and three weeks from the date the motion was posted, with each account holder entitled to one vote.
6. If a simple majority of votes supports the motion of censure AND the vote is quorate, the administrator is required to revoke the offending party’s moderator privileges. For these purposes, a quorum is more than half of the regular forum users (i.e. those who have both held an account for at least two months and posted at least ten times in that period).
7. Further action can then be taken against the offending party by other mods if other forum rules have been breached.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding these rules, feel free to contact shadowmimiiru through the board PM system.
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