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Postby VinnieD on Mon Oct 30, 2006 10:29 pm

Allow me to explain. My comic AntiBunny is going to feature some crowd scenes in the Nailbat Begins story arc and rather than design a ton of new bunnies for mostly one shots I figured I'd open it up to the community.

So I'm asking for character designs. You can name them if you like, they of
course need to be rabbits. Don't worry if you can't match my style, I can adapt it myself.

I'll feature all of the designs sent to me (or at least as many as I can). Some may have lines others may only appear in the background. There's no time limit on this aside from the time until I get past the scene so take your time, or show it right off the bat either will be fine.

You can submit your design here, by PM, or by email.

That said I suppose it's not much of a contest since, unless I get an insane number of submissions I'll be showing most every design sent to me. Of course I'll be plugging your comic on top of that.
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