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Not Dead

Postby Miruku on Thu Dec 27, 2007 2:17 am

Because the shout box has been iffy lately, I'm posting here instead, though I know it is less likely to be seen.

I have said this before, but I'm sure many of you are newer readers and less accustomed to the way the comic works in regards to my life;

No matter how long it's been since the last update, the comic is not and will not ever be dead. I *promise*.

I am a student. I'm fairly certain most of you can appreciate that. I am in my final year of University at the moment, and this means a number of things have been delaying updates. For instance, in October, shortly after the latest update, I realized that I had about a month until my senior recital, which is a big deal, with not all that much time considering how far behind I was on my pieces at the time. A recital also requires a jury, and both are degree requirements.
Very, very, very important degree requirements.

And I think everyone can appreciate the time requirements of the holidays.

I'm really glad that so many people have enjoyed the comic thus far, and I certainly appreciate both the encouragement and lamenting for updates, but please don't do either of the following, if you can help it;

-State or tell anyone that the comic is dead.
-Demand updates via guilt.

Asking when I will be updating is just fine. But guilting is not cool. I have wanted desperately to update this whole time, but could not. Not updating already makes me feel guilty. This is the guilt of ignoring a beloved friend, because that is what this comic is to me. I really don't need any further guilting. Trust me, I've got it covered.

And I have a serious pet peeve about people speaking for me, mostly because they tend to be wrong about what I would say. Proclaiming my comic dead falls under "speaking for me."


All that said, I have been working towards an update for the past two weeks. The next page is done, aside from color. Expect it soon. Possibly tomorrow.


Other than that, I do want you all to know that;

A. Lamorinda is NOT a priority over Emma, nor is it worked on often at all, unless in conjunction with the main comic.

B. I have been, unfortunately, bitten with the "fix it" bug, and desperately want to redo the entire comic. I know how annoying that is for the readers, so I may be doing that on the side until I feel I'm far enough to put that on the forefront. Many, many things will be changed, but it won't be happening for a while, and I will continue with the current storyline so I can continue to make those mistakes that I will later fix.

C. The site sucks, I know, and I apologize for it. When my roommate finally gets our internet working again and I can use my desktop, rather than stealing my neighbors' wireless connection, I will be able to edit it. It will be a long process, because...

D. I'm applying to graduate school. This means I have four auditions on the west coast over the coarse of the semester. As well as a job interview. It also has to be taken into account that I have to be prepared for these auditions. Prepared well. Very, very well. I don't know how much that will cut into comic-time. We'll see.

And E. I've gone on longer hiatuses before. I think the difference now is that there are more readers. As a musician, I have a lot of practicing and a lot of traveling to do. I'll have my bachelor's degree in five months, and then I'll be pursuing my master's. This is a lifelong dream of mine. The comic is secondary. If there were more hours in the day, it would be on equal footing, but that's just not going to happen. :(


Christ, that was long.
And probably, yet again, sounded very angry for the majority.
I am very bad with words. Don't take me too seriously, just remember that I have a life, and yes, it does get in the way, but I will always come back to this comic, no matter what form.

And truly, thank you for reading. I brightens my day to know that people appreciate my work, especially when I'm feeling down about it for whatever reason. :)
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Postby Corkydork on Thu Dec 27, 2007 1:55 pm

What's this? Putting education and lifelong dreams before other people's free entertainment?

Pointless sarcasm over, hiatuses seem rather necessary, especially for frequent updaters in education whose comics aren't their income source, but I'm only presuming, for I lack actual webcomic experience. (I'm-totally-not-a-chronic-procrastinator-honestly-you-guys)

I wish you luck this this thing you
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Postby Geographic on Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:25 pm

Well, it's good to hear that the comic is still alive. It's a good comic. And yeah, I hear how school can mess things up. Good luck in whatever it is you need luck in.
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