FAQ + crazy things people have said to me about Emma

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FAQ + crazy things people have said to me about Emma

Postby Miruku on Mon Jul 09, 2007 8:15 pm

Eventually, when I stop being lazy and hating html, I will make an actual page for FAQs. I figure, for now, though, that they are entertaining, and would be good fun for the forum. Boring questions go first, though, for those actually seeking information. Entertaining ones come after. I will admit that a bunch of these are me totally bitching about certain comments that I have gotten. Maybe, one day, the will prevent a repeat of them!

1. How do you make your comic (in the form of: What program do you use to color? Do you use a tablet? etc. etc.)

I currently draw all the artwork, panels and bubbles by hand, and ink them by hand as well. The coloring up to now has been done in Photoshop 7 with a mouse, with the exceptions of some of the earlier pages. The ones in marker were prismacolor, which was really only because my keyboard was broken (I am a shift key whore) and my mouse really, really sucked at the time. The lettering is also done in photoshop.

I say currently because I'm getting a tablet this week. My intentions are to use it for coloring the comic, not drawing it or anything else like that. Things can change though! I'm going to be learning digital inking with another project very soon, so we'll see.

2. Are you Emma?

No. This comic is not autobiographical, though it does, admittedly, have autobiographical qualities to it, but that's more a factor of my "writing what I know," because I don't know how to write anything else. However, a decent amount of the stuff that I "know" comes from other people in my life, and some stuff from my life goes into other characters' lives.

3. What are your influences, both artistic and writing-wise?

I have a really hard time answering this question because I read a LOT, both comics and books. I tend to just list the stuff that I am most in awe of because I figure it has probably influenced me in some way. I terms of art, early influences would be Lunar (the video games) and Love Hina. More recent ones would be Hot Gimmick, Full Metal Alchemist, maybe a little Bleach(all of those being the manga, not the anime), and then various western artists, mostly webcomic people, the Flight books, and random stuff my brother tells me to check out.

For writing, I think I've finally come to the conclusion that, as much as I read, movies and tv shows have had more of an influence on this comic in the writing department, such as: Wonderfalls, NewsRadio, Firefly, Lost, I'm sure Friends and Will & Grace have snuck in there somehow, Amadeus, Moulin Rouge, Love Actually, and a billion others, those are just what I have watched the most/been the most fascinated with.

4. This particular thing on this particular page looks really bad for such and such a reason.

That's nice. I won't be fixing it. I'm cool with you pointing it out, but if the page is already up and the error isn't in the text or something really, really detrimental to the page, then I can't worry about it if I want to keep the comic going. Otherwise it will end up being one of those comics that gets redone like four times up to the first, like, thirty pages before the artist finally burns out and gives up. The ugliest pages also tend to be the ones I worked the hardest on, so trying to fix them any further is usually a bad idea.

5. This page from, like, 50 pages ago has all these problems with it and I would just like to list them for you because you say you like constructive criticism.

First, read #4. Second, make sure when making constructive criticism that what you are critiquing hasn't already been taken care of in current pages, otherwise, your criticism is not actually constructive. If I'm still doing the same thing on current pages, I absolutely would love to hear it, though. Especially if I've been doing it for a long time.

6. I don't like your font.

Okay. I chose this font out of the entire selection on both my mac and my pc and then some that I downloaded. I even tried changing it for awhile after further testing and ended up switching it back. I have tried literally hundreds of fonts and considered making my own. Kristen ITC is easy to read, appropriate to the mood, and is the only one I have found that I feel comfortable with.

7. This is such crap. You should stop trying to imitate anime, you poser, and get some originality! (plus at least one or two curse words)

If you think my comic is crap, or unoriginal, or anime, you should go ahead, do us both a favor, not comment and waste the time and energy on both our parts, and leave. Flaming contributes nothing. However, if you would like to have an intelligent conversation and stop verbally abusing me for a moment, I would like to defend myself;

Okay, it's crap. That's your opinion, and it's fine by me! Unoriginal? That depends. I don't know any other webcomics quite like mine...Questionable Content is the closest I've seen, but mine makes few attempts to be funny, and those certainly aren't in the form of a punchline. I'm certainly not consciously copying anything that I have seen or read, but it is near impossible to be original these days...

Anime? No. Anime is animated. You mean manga. I no longer call my art manga. I wish I never had. Pseudo-manga is more appropriate. I started drawing manga-style when I was 9 or 10 (so don't say I'm trying to exploit the popularity of the style, because I got so much crap for drawing like that in elementary school), and my style is completely different now, anyway, but it is near impossible to get rid of influences you've had for that long. Again, I don't know of anything exactly like it. I like to think I have finally found my own unique art style, and I really think you will be hard pressed to prove me wrong.

Basically, if you don't like it because you have an aversion to my art style or the genre, that's fine, but it's not my problem. If you don't like it because it's not your thing, it's not a factor of quality. It's just a factor of not being your thing.

On to: OCCASIONALLY ASKED(but far more interesting) QUESTIONS!/ things that people have said that entertain me.

1. Oh Em GEE! She should totally go for the bookstore guy, why is she getting back together with Jeramiah?! ROFLMAO!!!

Oh, little 14 and 15 year old girls, you tickle me pink! You also kind of aggravate the hell out of me, but I still love you for reading and commenting, so you are forgiven. A few things about your comment; HIS NAME IS THEO. Also, it's spelled JerEmiah, but I don't care as much about that. And, btw, consensual sex happens between people who are not "together." It does not make them automatically be "together," either.

2. Along that same vein; I have to know, so can you just tell me, she ends up with the bookstore guy at the end, right?

Seriously? Seriously?! No, I will absolutely NOT tell you anything that happens beyond the current page. Why do you think I spend hours on every page? To tell you what happens so you can forget about it and never read it again? The point of the comic isn't who she ends up with, either, just fyi. And, again, HIS NAME IS THEO!!!

3. Various complaints about characters and their actions!!!

I love these. They make me a proud, proud writer. If half the readers now hate Emma and half of them still love her, I am beyond pleased, because that means I am somehow managing to write at least semi-real characters, and that is what this comic is about for me. I love that people actually like Jeremiah, because I can't stand the poor guy, but somehow I managed to make him have likable qualities, despite that.

Some of the comments do get to the point where I feel like I should step in and defend my character, but I try not to. Lately, Emma has gotten a lot of abuse, and the only time I said anything was when the pervy comments went too far, because that bothered me on a fundamental level. I've managed to restrain myself from some people who are basically just verbally abusing her (yes, I know she's not real, but she's, like, a huge part of me, so those ones actually kind of hurt), so far, at least. I have to admit, I usually just feel like they're yelling at me, not the character.

Dang...I can't think of any more of the hilarious ones right now. I'm sure I'll remember more, though, because there are so very, very many. Most of which come from Sheezyart, some of which come from Smackjeeves.
Meh. Hopefully someone somewhere who is bored enough to read any of these will be mildly entertained.

And now I am off to eat some cookie dough!

PS WOW that is really long.
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Postby Corkydork on Tue Jul 10, 2007 8:34 am

And so he became Theodore "The bookstore guy" Logan.

As for unoriginal, I don't think I've seen (m)any comics about musicians who weren't punk/rock/metal/whatever teenagers trying to stick it to the man and look the cooliest. I'll gladly be corrected on this point though.
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Postby Miruku on Fri Jul 13, 2007 7:59 pm

There's a manga called Nadome Cantabile, which is about a bunch of kids in a conservatory type situation, but that's still not quite what I'm doing...although later it'll be a little more like that. As for webcomics, yeh, they tend to be more indie/rock band type things. Not so much with the "classical."

I gots another one, though!

#whatever: Here's a fanart of Emma/what's that thing on Emma's face?

Emma has a mole under her right eye. You can't always see it because her hair gets in the way, but it has been there from the beginning. I love love love when I get fanarts of Emma, but sometimes I get confused when the artist doesn't give her a mole. That doesn't mean I love them any less, though! It's actually just more motivation to make a character page, so I can point it out more clearly. Although, it is pretty obvious on some pages, I gotta say.
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