24 Hour Comics Day Challenge (Columbia, Missouri)

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24 Hour Comics Day Challenge (Columbia, Missouri)

Postby Fading Aura on Thu Oct 09, 2008 8:12 am

The Event
October 18th marks this year's 24 Hour Comics Day Challenge! MidMoCoCo, the comic organization in Columbia, Missouri, is holding the event at the Columbia Art League, and all CGers are invited to participate. The sign up details are here.

What is it?
The 24 Hour Comics Day Challenge is essentially that - you have 24 hours, from noon on October 18th through noon of October 19th to produce a full 24-page comic. You can stop at any time you wish. More information from the official website may be found here.

What about crash space?
The floors at the Columbia Art League are hard and unforgiving, so if you think you might tire out early, bring a sleeping bag. I will be providing crash space at my apartment after the event so CG participants don't drive home half asleep. Just send me a PM, and we'll arrange something.

Please post any questions, comments or sarcastic retorts to this thread, and I'll address them accordingly. Hope to see maybe one or two of you there! :D
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