5/5/10 - Cinco de Mayo!

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5/5/10 - Cinco de Mayo!

Postby Carl-E on Wed May 05, 2010 12:38 pm

Let's celebrate the return of the comic (I know, it was back last week, but hey...)

I discovered the comic and read the archive about 2 days after the hiatus started... I was going to show it to my high school aged daughter, but I was waiting for it to start back up before I did. Now I can!

On a different note, I'm wondering how many of you guys were labeled in HS, and how you were labeled. I know I was labelled all through school, usually as the new kid (we moved a lot). I was also labeled a lot by appearance (tall and overweight with thick glasses is not a good combination. And by high school I was short again).

So, the table thing. Loners unite!

Althogh some of us like to eat alone...
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Re: 5/5/10 - Cinco de Mayo!

Postby Nanda on Thu May 06, 2010 12:39 pm

That's how I ended up finding all of my friends in HS eventually - I looked for the kid sitting alone at lunch. It usually worked - by my senior year, we were all crammed together. As for labels, I was the New, Ugly, Fat, Poor Girl. Looking back now, only two of those fit. Yes, I was New, yes, we were Poor (but so were a lot of people, so I don't know why that should have mattered) but I can definitely say I wasn't Fat or Ugly. I was a curvy size 14 in those days, and actually quite pretty. Part of the reason I started this comic is because the rules of beauty seem so arbitrary. I've seen so many "Ugly Girls" who weren't ugly in the slightest.
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