An ethical consideration

An ethical consideration

Postby Ambiguous Fox on Mon May 21, 2007 11:02 pm

As asked before in the shoutbox, should a psionic be in the throes of death and desire to die, would a loved one have the power to override their decision and fight off death for them? Who has the ultimate say in when a psionic dies, the psionic or the third person holding off death?

While you're trying your hand at flash, will there be flash porn? XD
So its come to this, eh?
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Postby Webkilla on Thu May 24, 2007 1:59 am

flash porn... not in the forseable future - my skills are currently not at a level where I'd want to spend time making something like that

as per the ethical issue.... hehe - oh I've waited so long for someone to ask something like this! weeeee!

*does happy dance*

anyway: - notice the green box in the bottom left corner... (early version of a datalink)

besides, the next story arc will cover the many ways a Psionick can die and ressurect again, or not, in very gruesome detail... but I can tell you this much:

For a Psionick, then reality is a choice - not a set ruleset of facts and laws of physics. They can twist reality to their will.

Secondly, then there's "The Pact" - something that'll be covered early on in the next story arc...

but I've already said this here:

But to actually answer your question:

Amongst Psionicks there are two kinds of death - physical and permanent

physical is when their bodies just die and their souls are released... they can do this themselves even by releasing the soul anchor.

permanent is when they choose to move on. Why they choose it can be anything - but as also demonstrated then someone else can come in and blow away the reaper who comes for the Psionicks who call for it.

as per the ethical implications of this... well... Hana got royally fucked up - and Psionicks in general do not get hurt! - It was because the Doyen turned out to be a rogue user, one who can ignore or corrupt their SCECs... and as mentioned earlier in the comic then the SCEC, the SubConcious Ethical Calculus, is what continualy adjusts the minds of the Psionick so that 'bad things dont happen too often or in any irreperable way'.

Also, Alex figured that he could persuade Hana from not moving on if he could just aliviate her pain...
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Postby Alphamule on Wed Jun 06, 2007 4:37 am

Hmm what about Hana's test to join the Killa Clan? Wasn't that a "no rules" rule there?
Also, since two people have a different view of things, I can imagine the SCEC being applied to situations with fanatics such as recently happened in the comic - they have a majorly distorted reality! He was rogue in the sense that he broke the rules, but his insanity allowed it?
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Postby Webkilla on Wed Jun 06, 2007 9:53 am

well, the rules bit in Hana's fight against Taioken was just that - a rules where the normal standards rules were null and void

those 'broken' during that fight were: the not calling of certain attacks, the shrouding of LFS (Life Force Signature), the fake projection of LFS (so to appear as being elsewhere) and the active scanning for LFS

its simple really: Psionicks are powerful emmiters of energy... and thus give off a rather powerful life force signature, since it is through theirs souls and their soulwells that that energy comes from. Now, in normal everyday life LFS scanning is the way most Psionicks find each other. (think dimension-wide soul scan kinda thing... takes a few seconds)

However, to use something like that in games, well mostly games where finding ones co-players or opponents are important, say... for killing them - or something else - then using LFS scaning is too powerful... its quite simply a too perfect way of going about it. Thus it is normally 'ruled out' by ones SCEC by making you not think about using it. Equally, projection a false emmision of LFS is similarly ruled out becase it would be a too good way of seting up ambushes or leading an opponent astray... and so on - you get the picture?

The bit about the called shots... hmm, havent i mentioned this in the comic yet? hmmm... anyway - Called shots is my heads up to the age-old anime/manga tradition of having characters shout out the names of attacks prior to launching them... (Flaming hotlips assburn assault, go! - that kinda thing)

in the Psiontechniqa universe this is called, quite simply, "Called Shots" since some attacks, such as the SoulFeeder Cannon for example, are too powerful to be let off without warning. If no warning is given a fight could be over with just one wellplaced shot... and where's the fun in that? This limits the gamers to non-instant killing shots to be fired without warning, while instant killing attacks or other really powerful attacks have to be announced first. It makes for more strategy requirements and more interesting matches to watch - everybody wins.

Ok, that was the rules-bending... now the bit about the difference in SCEC perseption... hehe


bring a sleeping bag - you're in for the long haul now!


Everyone sees the world around them in a slightly different light - its part of what makes people individuals... and SCEC's do take this into account. In the begining of the next story arc Suffer, we'll see how an Oathing in takes place, how a Psionick is given his powers - for it is during that that the newly formed SCEC within the mind of the fresh Psionick examines the mind of the Psionick and performs what is known as a "Test of Patterns" (serious face-love to anyone who can tell me where I got that name from) which 'alligns' the mind of the Psionick to a basic template which allows for things like IBKs and such to be implemented in the users brain... it effectively 'port's the Psionicks mind over into something compatible with everyone else - but not perception-wise, you're still you and see the world your own way.

trick is that with this common reference point SCECs from different people can 'compare notes' on a subconcious level - without their users knowing - this basically means that if two different seedlings from two different cultures, say one that loves children, and one that loves childrens with a spicy dressing and some lightly broiled veggies, two seedlings who would be prone to some hefty arguments, then their SCECs can compare notes and perhaps reason out the situation - perhaps the child-eating seedling species has A LOT of kids, and not all survive infancy, and they then eat the dead young to 'honor the memory and forever make them part of the family' and stuff...

but yes - while SCECs do equalize minds, then there still exists many great differences in culture and tradition... and as you will soon learn as soon as the comic starts updating again (servers down...) then you'll see at least how much the purebloods value tradition - for they will defend it with their immortal lives! Stay tuned to the comic to find out why...
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