READ ME! (Or Goliath will do something creative to you)

READ ME! (Or Goliath will do something creative to you)

Postby Webkilla on Sat Nov 26, 2005 5:21 am

Right, I'm sure everyone is familiar with the "dont spam stuff or a thousand years of pain will come upon ye in the form of a japanese young'un sticking its crusty fingers up your rear" kinda threats to make people behave.

This place is one exeption, although here we use Goliath for that - and his fingers are the size of... well... they're huge.

Also, as a general rule, if you feel the uncontrolable urge to post something about one of the comic-pages, then kindly write the subject header like so:

"[dd-mm-yy] [subject]"


"[8-5-06] HOMG Pr0n! w00t!" would be a good subject title.

this is mainly so I know what it is you'll be writing about...

Now, knowing that I hardly ever read read these here Read Me thingies - so why I'm even bothering to post this is beyond me...

meh - now go post something!
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