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mel gibson

PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2006 2:56 pm
by Assorahj
ah, yet again, more rage hatred spewing. it is reported that gibson screamed his now-known-everywhere pit-viperisms against jews because he was too drunk to know what he was saying. the difficulty, as has been mentioned by others, is that the 1.2 reading on the ol' drunk-o-meter is simply not that drunk. now, it IS possible that for whatever reason, the officers in question didn't post the correct data. but, the officer of the spewing--who said he didn't take particular offense as he considered it just 'the booze talking'--hasn't said anything further such as, 'ya know, he was really, really drunk . . . not 1.2 drunk . . . but REALLY drunk . . .'

and, not to blame mel for familial failings, it should be remembered that his father has been quoted as saying the holocaust is an invention of historians' imagination. it seems reasonable to question the likelihood that there is a gibson tendency toward true anti-semitism.

and, in an otherwise unimportant add-on, what up with the new film of mel's? is it really going to make a fictional movie about the mayans more authentic by using the dead mayan language? i have no problem whatsoever with foreign films. i have no problem with subtitles as a rule. but, in 'amelie' the language was in french because it is a french film, for french people. it comes off as asinine to use a language that even the direct descendants of the culture in question are going to require interpretation of.