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michael richards

Postby Assorahj on Tue Nov 28, 2006 2:34 pm

alright, michael richards says he lost his mind in a fit of rage, and thus began screaming 'nigger, nigger, nigger' at a couple of black guys who were heckling him at a recent 'comedy' performance. still, i must wonder if even in a fit of rage, one would lose themselves so completely they would give voice to such hatred as 'fifty years ago, we would have had you upside down with a fork in your ass!!!' were there not something sinister beneath . . . and worse yet, as i see it--after the screaming had dwindled to quieter slingings of vitriol--richards said, 'yeah, they're gonna come arrest me for calling a black guy a nigger.' . . . it doesn't come off as a guy in the midst of an uncontrollable rage . . .

. . . and how 'bout those 'victims' of richards career suicide. it didn't take them long to find a lawyer and set processes in motion to try to get money out of the deal . . . plus, nobody has mentioned that on the way out of the theater, in their own fit of anger, the targets of richards' racist rant were themselves heard calling richards a 'cracker ass.' so, richards is a racist. o.k. but, might i make a case that this was not the first time 'cracker ass' had come from the lips of those on the brunt end of the diatribe?

and finally, as is attached to this tale alone, comes our association of 'nigger' itself. i say, as others have said, it is an ugly divisive term, that due the history of its usage should be perhaps the ONLY word that EVERY american finds so vulgar as to be unmentionable. and yes, this means specifically that all the hoodlum homey rapper guys stop with 'nigger' phraseology. no double standards--even from those most wounded.

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