Updated on June 8th, 2005

An action/comedy comic with an ongoing storyline and a very fitting name.

Updated on June 8th, 2005

Postby Derenge on Thu Jun 09, 2005 2:02 am

From the front page:

June 8th, 2005

So I've started updating again, I'm hope that nobody gave up on me during my stint away from the comic. Sometimes I just don't feel like doing it, or alternately other things that interest me get in the way of progress. That aside expect updates to be coming three times a week for some time now, least I lose a little competition some comrades of mine have started up.

I've joined the lazy grind. (http://oosterwijk.keenspace.com/lazy.htm) To a degree the idea is just for fun, we aren't in it for money for one. The idea is of course an imitation of the much publicized daily grind webcomic competition. Apparently even down to ripping off their html. I guess that sets just about the right tone for the proceedings. The losers have to draw something of the winner's choice, so when I invariably win the contest I will be sure to think of something embarrassing for my defeated foes to suffer through. So yeah, updates should come more frequently in the future.

In other webcomic news it seems that a name change is pending for my host, keenspace. My temper has cooled now at that proposition, but my plans have not changed with time. Whenever I am able to I will be leaving keenspace, though truth be told that could some time from now. If I am to have to change my url to something new I hope to change it to something I pick rather than be subject to the will of another.

Accordingly I'm going to pick back up with the donation wallpaper thing, as that seems the be a possible means by which I could acquire the funding needed to host my site elsewhere. Expect a new design to be previewed in the area below in the near future. As I wasn't updating the comic for some time there it did not seem right to me to try and be getting donations and as such there has been a lack of new ones for a while now. I'm still trying to conjure up a wallpaper idea that would spur interest in my readers and am, of course, open to suggestions in the forums.

Speaking of those forums, they are still there, so yay, lets get some feedback. Not much to say about them other than that. Perhaps I should add that you should mind the cobwebs and I think a raccoon is nesting in one of the topics, but he won't bother you lest you bother him first.

In the future I may not have a text update every time I upload a new comic, but expect to hear from me more frequently just the same. Though I would venture to say I've said more than my fill for this day. Until next I feel the need to ramble on a bit, have a good day and I shall see you then.

I was feeling more verbose when I wrote that than usual. I suppose that I was trying to make up for having not done a text update for so long. If anyone has something to add to that this would be the place to do it, otherwise I think I've said more than enough.
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