Update as of 2020-08-02 for Homecoming Cybersex Channel

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Update as of 2020-08-02 for Homecoming Cybersex Channel

Post by VileTerror »

Oyllo channel members, and thank you for reading this.
The Downward Spiral Group is moving more slowly than I planned, and I apologize to all of you for my failure to find the time to get it up and running. This message would have been posted to the Club, but I wanted to get the general rules/code of conduct composed first before opening the discussion forum in that Club.

This post, however, is a public service announcement of sorts, prompted by the recent banning of one of our members from the Homecoming Server.

I would like to remind all of you that erotic roleplay is technically against the official Code of Conduct for Homecoming, and that the GMs basically only tolerate us as long as we don't do anything openly.
To that end, I would also like to encourage everyone to remember to be careful! Don't publish anything in your character biographies which is overtly and blatantly sexualized. Don't proposition strangers. Be careful, slow to trust, and watch out for one another.
I know that sucks. It's not ideal, and it forces us to operate in the shadows rather than being open and honest about sexuality. Regretfully, we are only guests at Homecoming, so we must play by their rules if we want to be there.

As ever, please remember to play nicely with each other! Informed Consent is the highest law.
Enjoy your time and enjoy one another, responsibly.

Thank you for being a part of this community.
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