City of Heroes: Homecoming Roleplay Event 2019-09-25

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City of Heroes: Homecoming Roleplay Event 2019-09-25

Post by VileTerror »

A semi-public/semi-private roleplay event is scheduled for Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 at 7pm Eastern North American Time Zone, on the Everlasting Shard.
This roleplay event will revolve around themes which are typically considered "adult" and will have the potential for erotic content as well. The intent is to offer a sex-positive roleplay space for players to make new friends with shared interests.
Note (for clarity): This is not an orgy event. Sexual discussion and sexual roleplay will take place, but the express purpose is NOT simply to have a single, large cybersex scene.

This month's event will be grand opening of the new Pride community club in the Rainbow District set in the (simulated) streets of Kings Row, as imagined by @Thunderbolt and their real-life partner. Scene "Extras" will be played by VileTerror, and will include the roles of the members of the Unity Through Misfortune Super Group. The majority of these support characters will be locals of Kings Row.
Player-character attendees are encouraged to dress in rainbow or club attire, but entirely naked is not discouraged. Alternatively, civilian or "super" attire is also acceptable for player-characters who wander in to the event.

Please contact @VileTerror in-game for details on how to attend, or to establish if your character may be an associate of one of the support character attendees.

An event-conducive level of respect for the organizer and the other attendees is expected out-of-character.
The understanding and practice of Informed Consent is the expected standard for player interaction at this event.
Character interactions may expand outside of this only when all players involved (directly or observing) have fulfilled the expectations of mutually informed consent.
Attendance at the event constitutes a level of understanding that frank and blunt sexual discussion will take place in this digital space.
(In other, simpler words: Don't touch anyone else's character unless you have the PLAYERS' permission.)

Please note that the general Code of Conduct and the RP/OOC Global Code of Conduct still apply: ... f-conduct/
As such, this event will technically be on thin ice, and we respectfully request that if you are not interested in the subject matter, that you please simply allow other players to participate without shame or interference.
Conversely, despite the adult and sexual themes of the event, we are not permitting or condoning other breaches of the Code of Conduct, and will report serious infractions as necessary.

If you have any questions, please feel free to register an account on this forum and post them as replies in this thread, or reach out to @VileTerror in-game via Tell or in-game email.
You may also join the following Global Chat Channels which may fit your interests, even outside of event time:
- Pride
- RP
- Cybersex
- Polyamory
Thank you.

Have fun, play nice, and stay sexy!
Haughty spirit and pride make for a wild roller coaster ride!
I mean, as long as you like fairly final endings.

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