/!\ RULES THREAD /!\ Read this before posting

This is where you advertise your webcomic to your new audience, and get it reviewed by the community. Read the rules before pitching.
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/!\ RULES THREAD /!\ Read this before posting

Post by Yeahduff »

Welcome to The Comic Pitching forum. A wondrous place indeed. Our mission here is to get the word out on comics that need some attention, be they 'Spacers or no. Ideally, it'll be a place where people come to find the best of webcomics that aren't quite established yet. The comics pitched here are ready for prime time and are begging to be seen by the world.

Think your comic belongs here? We'll see. Before you plug away, though, some things to keep in mind.


*Comic must have a minimum of 20 comic pages in the archive.

*Don't pitch if you're still working on the site, in the process of moving to a different server, have navigation issues, or otherwise not confident that you're showing your best work in the way you want us to see it. No excuses: If it's not ready, don't bother.

*Give the name of the comic, a link to your index, and a brief description. Doesn't have to be fancy, we just wanna know what we're getting into. If you have material that some might find "questionable," you're gonna wanna mention that. It's also worth mentioning if you have a pay site.

*Only 1 image per thread. Keep it PG Rated.Size restrictions go as follows: 550 pixels wide, 128k limit, GIF/JPG/PNG format. No BMP. STRICTLY ENFORCED. Violate these and your image gets nuked. Think of us dial-up folk.

*Be nice. Criticism isn't necessarily expected, but if you give it, be constructive. You'll find comics you don't like here, but flaming them isn't going to help anyone. THIS IS A BOX-FREE ZONE.

*If criticism is what you're looking for, Tips, Techniques and.... some other "T" word is where you wanna go with that. It's on the bottom of the forum index, moderated by a rather pleasant fellow. You'll be more likely to get honest criticism there. This place will get bloated enough on it's own.

*Take any conversation not involving comics to General Discussion. This doesn't mean you can't go off on a minor tangent, but keep yourself in check.

* Obviously no links to porn or hate sites, or there may be consequences.

Those things are enforced. The following list, however, just has some suggestions on how to make your plug as effective as possible.

*Have an archive of comics before plugging. You don't want us judging you on a tiny body of work. It won't be fair to us, seeing as you just wasted our time, or to you, as we'll always remember you for not having much at your site. Twenty would be acceptable, thirty would be better, but remember that the more the better. This means no teasers without the comics to back it up. And by comics, that means a page featuring either a visual story or gag in the sequential multipanel persuasion, or some innovation of it. This does not include coming soon images, pinups independent of the story, poems over imagery, or anything else considered filler. These things are fine to have, but if it's all you have, you're not ready to be seen yet. If you have an updating art site, without comics, than plug, plug away. Just make sure you update and that you are on point.

*Remember you're trying to get us to click that link, so sell your comic to us. You can be weird, you can tease us, you can be direct or you can be oblique. But be professional and be confident. The work won't be able to speak for itself until you talk me into looking at it.

*Supply a promotional image. We are working in a visual medium, afterall, so show us what we're getting into. Your favorite page could work, so could a pinup, but MAKE IT SPIFFY. Your art is the first thing to hit a potential reader, so make sure it will attract.

*You may plug any site, even one that isn't yours, so long as it's comic related.

*People don't like having to look around for a comic, so if it's not on your homepage, make sure the link is "above the fold" and clearly visible, or you'll alienate your potential audience.

*There are no real rules for reposting, but try to wait at least a month. Any less and you'll seem needy and desperate. And there's nothing worse than a needy comic writer.

*No Leet, please. That's a giant bright red wildly-flapping flag on fire telling people to get out as soon as possible.

*Feel free to offer your opinion on any pitched comic.

That's about it. The most important thing to remember is that you want to present yourself and your comic in a way that will get you the readers you want.

Happy plugging.
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Post by STrRedWolf »

If the comic stinks artistically (aka it's better suited for the fridge), send them to Technical Tips and Techniques!

I don't want folks flaming out when they obviously need aid. I'll be instructing yeahduff to do the same.
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Re: [new rules.]DON'T MAKE ME KILL YOU.

Post by Mercury Hat »

Imageshack bans us from using them for image hosting. Host your stuff anywhere but imageshack, please! A pitch is no good if it's full of anti-hotlinking images, right?

To repeat, an archive with less than 20 comics will get your thread locked, no exceptions. I don't care that you only update once every leap year and it's so unfair because it will take you so long to get to 20 comics. This is a hard rule, 15 comics is not close enough to 20 to pitch, 19 is not close enough to pitch.

This forum shouldn't be used as an RSS feed for your comic. Bumping your thread every time you update isn't really okay. Every chapter/storyline, okay. Trying a new coloring technique or something you'd like feedback on, okay. Having it be an extension of your shoutbox, not okay. Violating this will get you a message from a mod/admin.

In regards to the last note: Remember ONE image per pitch. Don't post every following update after your pitch in your thread. I'm going to be more lax on the image dimensions and size restraints, but more than one image is a bit much. I and other mods/admins still reserve the right to say your 600kb or 1200px wide image is too large for the pitch, though. Think of it as part of the challenge, posting your best strip or promo image to get people interested. Violating this will get a message from the mod asking you to pick one image and to remove the others, but if you don't respond within a week, the mod will do the choosing for you.

Be prepared for feedback, and not always positive feedback. It might not always come, but this is a forum so some feedback can be expected.

Where can you go if you're new and want to say hello? The Newbie Thread.
Where can you go if you're new and want help with your comic? Techniques, Tips, and Tricks.
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