An angry Diana (Sep 7, 2006)

An angry Diana (Sep 7, 2006)

Postby Brook on Thu Sep 07, 2006 9:30 am

Sorry for anyone who tried to see the comic last night and couldn't. There was some problems with a bad PNG file that I only just now got ironed out.

Today's page was all hand-drawn. There's an advantage in this in that it prevents me from getting into too much detail, thus speeding up my drawing a bit. The page only took 3 sessions to draw. If I was better at actually drawing on a regular basis, this would have been up last week.

As far as artwork goes... I'm reasonably pleased, except for the 5th panel, which is crap. Once I can draw Diana regularly with some quality, I think I'll enjoy making this strip a lot more, and thus become faster at it.

One thing that mildly annoys me is that I have no idea how to do a decent glow in B&W.

I have some plans on how to hopefully make the next strip look better, which may even end up with me being able to color it with very little extra effort.
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