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Austin Powers - Goldmember

Postby Lars Havemann on Sun Oct 27, 2002 2:06 pm

Wow. How could one movie be that bad?
Could someone kill Mike Myers for this please?
This movie was even worse than the second part... if it is so difficult to write a good sequel to a comedy then what should one do? ...NOT MAKE A FRIKKIN' SEQUEL!!

Why am I always alone with my oppinion on mainstream crap? Everyone else in the cinema thought the movie was great! It's bullshit! Is humanity that easily pleased? A gag every two minutes and a good one every 15 minutes? More cameos and product placement than story or humor?

Okay! No problem!
Prepare for next years blockbuster. I'm doing a comedy. You'll see.
Everyone will love it, because it has product placement and cameos of people which ordinary stupid morons don't even know! And there will be toilet humor... and Wayan's... and bad actors in huge sets and a multimillion dollar budget!

You'll see...
"Where are my groupies? She! She is my groupie!!"
"She is my niece, Rick!"

-Rick and Art from
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