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I am the hivemind of an 3000 points tyranid army, called 'Phobos Hive'.
Most WH40k players fear tyranids for their devastating close-combat abilities, but to be honest I only win about 20% of my matches.
I am more assembler and painter than player.

I have been on a WH40k tournament this saturday and scored last! But at least I could play against armies Eldar and Tau/Kroot what I've never done before. The Tau are simply unfair but I really like the Eldar as Opponents. A noble and fair army.

I like Chaos, 'cause it has great miniatures and I really like the Nurgle army. I wanted to play against Necron on the tournament, but I couldn't. They are very strong and their mobile portal rocks! Wish color scheme do you use?
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