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NEWS: New Update Schedule

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2002 8:12 am
by Halflight
Summary: Beginning on August 1st I will be updating 3 times a week-- Monday-Wednesday-Friday, rather than 1 chapter/month.

Up to now, HLB has updated on a monthly basis, one chapter on the first of each month. I liked it this way because i was free to fine-tune an entire chapter before showing, and then to put it up as a unit.

Readership-wise, on the other hand, I think its a bit damaging. After finding some favorite comics out there, I've realized that that I really like seeing a little bit more of the story each day, and I visit consistently. The less often they update the more likely I am to forget to visit them. (all this is really really obvious, of course.)

So anyway, due to my observation of the norms of Keen updating, my own readership preferences, and my slightly depressing site statistics, beginning on August 1st I will be updating 3 times a week-- Monday-Wednesday-Friday. (I considered a 5 day/week schedule, but I start college in about a month, so I don't know what kind of time I'm going to have. I want to start september with plenty of pages waiting in the wings, in case of hecticness.)

Hopefully this format will make the comic more reader-friendly, etc.


Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2002 6:13 am
by Uneide
If you can stick with it, your readership should definitely improve... I myself am not able to consistently do three days a week, so my hat's off to you! best of luck! :D

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2002 5:40 am
by Zoz
I agree the 3 times a day format would be much better... when I found out (as i was reading the archives) that you had been doing it on a monthly basis I was personally amazed... never heard of anything like that I really doubt i could've waited a full month for the next panel... ! ACK!

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2002 9:21 am
by Halflight
i hope i can keep it up! i just started college, and i have no idea what the work load is going to be like.... :o

but i'll try my best to stay ahead!

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2002 11:20 am
by Zoz
Hey no pressure man... seriously though the first week of college is usually something like here's your syllabus, here's your curriculum, blah blah blah... I'm the professor... no i have nothing important to say.... you're requirements are... (peanuts Teacher voice insert here) and bang you're out of that class for the day... sure some of them try to teach but i think the average attention span of a college student really does consist of how many tiles they count on the ceiling of the classroom