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News for Sunday, 29 December, 2002

Postby Nineswords on Sun Dec 29, 2002 12:45 am

Hey, look. An update on Sunday for a change. I'm pleased, even if it's only one page.

There's some gore this week. I'm not sure there's quite enough, dammit. Maybe i should break the action and have them sacrifice some chickens (ooh, or VIRGINS!) and pray to Mothra or something.

"haha, bob. ya got me bob-o. got my family here in a duffel bag." or words to that effect. Dana Gould? Oh yes i think so.

I've been playing with my colored pencils all week, so you know, i got distracted. I'm still distracted. I'm just pure distracted in the head. But at least i've been drawing the characters, which is nice, so jhnih's face will possibly quit changing shape every panel. Pretty sad that he's the hero and he's the one guy whose basic forms i haven't got down yet. I'll fix it though. Dog knows i've got long enough to do it.

The best thing i heard this week was Tori Amos' impersonation of Robert Plant. Hee. Damn, sacrificing virgins sounds like fun right now.
-S. Howell
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Postby LunarCry on Fri Jan 10, 2003 3:10 pm

Heya all! *is new here ^__^*

First of all, I'd like to congratulate the author . . . writer . . . artist . . um, whatever title is preferred :P on such an awesome comic. I check back for updates every Sunday, and cry when I find none :D and cheer when they finally appear! Hooray!

And there is one main reason WHY I like Nine Swords so much - Riley! Damn, he is such a cool character! *swoons*

I voted for ya on all three links ^^ not that I'm sucking up or anything :roll: but I really think you deserve it! And don't worry about the updates so much. After all, you do this in your own time with no charge to us eager readers. We can wait, because it is worth it ^__^

All in all, keep the comic going!

Sincerely looking forward to Sunday,

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