To show or NOT to show? That is the question

To show or NOT to show? That is the question

Postby Chef Troy on Thu Jul 25, 2002 7:05 am

I've been coy up to now about showing the nekkid women running around Triple Crown - it's only a temporary storyline, after all, and I don't want "Scandal Sheet" to be a strip with ongoing nudity in it. I don't have any problem with cartoon cheesecake, mind you - I like to look at erotic art and I've even been known to click over to "Sexy Losers" once in a while. It just isn't what I want for "Scandal Sheet."

I don't want you folks to feel deprived, though - if there's enough interest in an NC-17 scene, maybe I'll do something separate and post it here.

Your thoughts?
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Postby BurnMeUp on Thu Jul 25, 2002 7:15 am

How about in silouette (sp)?
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Postby Pookfreak on Thu Jul 25, 2002 7:24 am

Personally I read from work so my preference would be no frontal nudity. How about going safe with a nice ass shot? :D

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Postby TruePisces on Fri Jul 26, 2002 1:22 am

Personally, I'd be ok with it either way. I read from home (read: need to be INCREDIBLY careful about internet access at work), so cheesecake or tease wouldn't matter either way for me.
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Postby Outworld on Fri Jul 26, 2002 4:29 pm

Well, occasionally I'll read at school, but mostly I read the strip here at home. As to a solution to make everyone happy:
Well, those who read your strip could receive a special edition strip via email if they want to see it or not. They'd just have to remember not to look at it while at work. Those whose internet access is exclusive to work should not receive that special edition.

As to the entire strip itself: Well, the innuedos can stay, but you should stay with the PG-13 to R ratings...since it is on the internet, on keenspace, and hhhhmmm... hosted by a site that probably has that disclaimer about porn/nudity/whatever. Don't forget about all that.
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Postby Obroder on Fri Apr 16, 2004 4:46 am

Yeah...Pun intended there....Still you have the current line with Foster and Mitz. And this has been on hold since the 5th? Ok, nuff bout that, but silhouette would be great or the gratuitous ass shot, but not limited to just the women, I mean, guys should get some time as well. And yes I remember Foster's debut as the oil can man on the set of "Three Men and Oh Baby!" BTW new titles:

1. Return of the Kink
2. Crouching Tiger on a hidden Dragon
3. Bravephart

Daibhi :D
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Innuendo is good

Postby Diarmid on Fri Apr 16, 2004 4:14 pm

Well, I'd have to say I'm definitely in favor of nudity in my own life *grin* but I'd think the comic might do much better keeping the nudity, sex, etc. off camera as much as possible. Slightly on frame jiggle lines, partial butt shapes, etc. leave more to the imagination, and therefore tend to enhance things. For instance, if for some reason a few frames of Thightanic had been drawn, it probably would have ruined a lot of the images people had, and those images are DEFINITELY adding to the funny for yours truly. Anyway, I'd say as an ex english major, that nudity is good, but giving people juuuuust enough to set their imagination going is better.
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