CG Art VS Traditional Media

CG Art VS Traditional Media

Postby Kuma on Tue Aug 20, 2002 2:18 pm

I was just wondering what people thought about the differences betwen CG and traditional media seems from what I have run across on the web that CG is the preferred media since the image turns out much cleaner, but as for selling artwork, it is the traditional piece that goes for the higher price.
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Postby Nezumi on Thu Aug 22, 2002 6:57 am

Ohh! Ohh! *raises hand* (I'll reply since noone else is...)

I personally like the way that CG looks, like you said it's really clean (the better to view bishounen with =^_^=). But I can understand why traditional media would go for more... I mean there's only one original and people can only get copies after that, right?

But I won't say anymore, considering I'm not much of an artist myself...

PS I'm glad that you kids can all play nicely... otherwise we'd really have to break out the moderators (which we should have anyways... but that's another story. ^_^)
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Postby Keganator on Thu Aug 22, 2002 8:37 am

:o Moderators! Bah! :P

I like the CG stuff; it does come out cleaner...but, there's always something to be had for the handdrawn stuff. The new flash will 'clean up' your drawings for you now, making even the average artist look much better ... but then again, it makes everything look the same ;)
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My opinion

Postby Shakatoola on Fri Aug 23, 2002 8:59 pm

I gotta say, if its not on the computer, it should be done by hand. Pretty simple. Of course there are exceptions, ie Toy Story rocked, thats pretty cool. But nothing could beat Bob Ross, i mean, that guys the king of painting. And Larry Elmore is sooo cool too. And then you have the really big classics like Monet and DaVinci. Could you see CG art being like that? Not I.

But CG stuff on the net is way cool. Im totally down with that hip jive. Hoo ha! Hehe. Ok, so now im just being silly, but you get my point. Don't you?

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CG > Hand

Postby Risu on Thu Sep 19, 2002 2:30 pm

I would go with CG if you're doing the online thing (which you guys clearly are). Hand requires more skill in my opinion and will always be the highest set standard in the art world... but CG just looks darn better. :P
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