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So, who's been reading that "Modern Tales" spinoff, Adventurestrips.com?

I find myself checking it out once a day, but mostly just for the shiny art. I have to say I've been the eensiest bit disappointed. There's nothing there as great as "Vicious Souvenirs" or "Makeshift Miracle" or "Cuentos de la Frontera."

Quickly running down the list:

Gravedigger: Grabbed me immediately, in a way that none of the others did. So far, my favourite.

Jazz Age: My other fave in terms of art, and for some reason I can't put my finger on, it's more compelling than the other traditional adventure strips.

Sorceror of Fortune: This has been the most pleasant surprise. I don't usually like the cliched fantasy world millieu, but the plot so far has been quite witty.

Terranauts: Interesting, but they seem too intent on ripping off Planetary/League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It could be a fairly original concept if they took it in another direction and ignored the "celebrity team members" angle.

Astounding Space Thrills, Captain Luck: These are nice and all, but seems a little shallow...just sort of place-to-place, adventure-to-adventure, without much in the way of characterization. I do like the art, and the characters and concept are interesting. Just wish it would try and do something a little different.

Tabula Rasa, Rip & Teri: Interesting, hasn't gone anywhere yet.

Perils on Planet X: Excited about the idea of a latter-day flash gordon, but too early to tell if this is going to be interesting yet.

Red Kelso, Gibson Dent, Athena Voltaire: Not badly done or anything (Athena, in particular, has nice art) but they seem too confined to past ideas of what an adventure strip should be, and my criticism for AST and Captain Luck holds true again, but with less interesting characters.

Haunted Horseman, Mr. Jigsaw: Man do these suck. Art is substandard, story seems like it's taken from BAD 50s comics. Jigsaw is not funny AT ALL and Horseman is blithely racist. Geh.

Any other thoughts?