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Freak U

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This is a comic I'll be launching in a couple of months, or maybe sooner...depending on when the domain name comes through from KeenSpace. But I want to get the script nearly-complete beforehand, or at least VERY far into it...which is a pretty big undertaking, since it's going to be at LEAST 300 strips long.

Remember those wacky college party fraternity vacation flicks of the 80s? Porky's, Animal House, that stuff. OK, now think about how, after those teen/college flicks had been going for a while, we started to get the Z-Grade SF spinoffs, that were just as dumb but involved some 30's style Universal horror element, or some 50's SF element, or some 60's fantasy element thrown in.

You know: Zapped. Weird Science. Frankenstein Goes to College. Encino Man (technically a 90s flick, but come on.) Fast Food. My Best Friend is a Vampire. Earth Girls are Easy (sort of.)

Now, imagine if all these wacky characters & strange events occurred at a single school. And the fate of the universe was at stake. It's sort of like "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", only based on crappy 80s flicks instead of classic pulp literature.

It's set over the course of a single term, and my original plan was for it to unfold in "real time", but that would be insane (and I'm not sure I could cram in all the events into a strip a day), so instead we'll be celebrating Halloween in late January, or whatever.

Watch for it soon!