Sept 11th -- The Obligatory Thread

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Sept 11th -- The Obligatory Thread

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Well. Here it is.

WEB! Comix went live a week after the attack last year. I felt a bit funny about not acknowledging it, but at the same time I didn't want to let THAT be the defining element to the launch of my site.

As for this year, I guess everyone's pretty much sick of the hype for the upcoming DVD release of the September 11th Tragedy(tm) and the sequel, War With Iraq(tm). And am I crazy for thinking the timing on this war thing is really just a blatant excuse to get American sentiment on the side of the warmongers? Is it just me or is that pretty despicable?

Anyway, I'm going to restrict my proselytizing to this thread. Frankly I think it's a little pretentious for people to be yattering on about Sept 11th in their strips, though I'll make exceptions depending on how it's handled. But my job is to put a smile on your face...or, well, entertain in some way, shape, or form, anyhow. If it's something we need to be reminded about, then it's my duty to bring it up...but Sept 11th isn't something we need to be reminded about. Not yet. And I'd urge you to be suspicious of anyone who says otherwise right now.