What's Up With WEB!

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What's Up With WEB!

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OK, folks, here it is. In writing. My plans for WEB! for the rest of the year. Just so you can see how lazy/dishonest/insane I am when you check back in December and see that none of this has happened.

First of all, the site is, as of this writing (June 30th, 2002), averaging (conservatively) around 50 visits, between 50-100 pageviews, and maybe 500 hits a day. Amazon Space Rangers considerably less. This month was a tad slow due to lack of content (thank you, hard drive.)

So, here's the skinny on things yet to come.

1. Night Shift will continue on its merry way, BUT...I'm toying over replacing it with something else. Not permanently, mind you. Just with some other strip that might sort of alternate with it. It would be something a bit weirder and more experimental, though still funny...and it might grow directly out of Night Shift, just as ASR did. The main reason I'm considering doing this is that I'm on the verge of getting burnt out with Shift and could use a change of pace. Shift was supposed to be my "easy" "dash-it-off" comic that I could crank out to get people to the site, and then spend more time on my other stuff. HA!! Night Shift is EASILY the hardest comic to write. Having to come up with a punchline every day hurts my brain. PHYSICALLY HURTS.

Mind you, I'm nowhere near the crisis point. If there's a huge outcry and gnashing of teeth from people who want all-Wendell, all-the-time, I'll shunt that aside until and unless I absolutely can't do another Night Shift strip. If the new strip appears it would probably be in another few months...maybe right after WEB! celebrates its first-year anniversary.

2. The fate of the Amazons. Well, the current storyline should take another month if I keep cranking 'em out three a week, or til the end of August if I slack off or pad the story. Let's say halfway through August to strike a happy medium. Once that's done I will be taking a well-earned break to celebrate and party and work on the other, neglected areas of the site. Then I will make a brief return with a little black & white mini-story that I've already scripted. It'll run for a week or two, going up a few panels every day. Then another break, then another full-colour Amazon adventure, though significantly shorter than "Unearthly Delights". At that point it'll probably be the fall, and I'll try to finish up the year with the Amazon Space Rangers Origin Story, which'll probably run around the same length as "Unearthly Delights".

I've written an outline for ASR that goes SO far ahead it's not even funny. I'm talking a couple hundred strips, easy. Enough to keep me doing this til I'm in my 30s. And with plot twists, action sequences (there ARE action sequences in ASR...just keep watching as the climax of Unearthly Delights approaches) and setpieces galore, plus (hopefully) some wit and warmth and emotional bonds bursting. And of course, not a great deal of clothing. I hope that the ending of "Delights" will sell you on the series as a whole, in case it's been leaving you cold until now. It's really pretty good.

3. I'd also like to use some of my time off from ASR to flesh out one of my lying-abandoned projects, "Gold Rush" or "Lancelot". Since "Gold Rush" is something else now, and it's actually only a few pages away from the end of this chapter, I think that'll get the focus of my attentions for a while.

4. As if all this isn't enough, I'm seriously considering adding ANOTHER STRIP. This is because I AM FUCKING INSANE. It all depends on if I can grind out something for September, since this next story would take place exactly over the course of a high school term. If not, we might have to wait until next year...AAAAAAWWW!!! And BTW, in case you fled in terror when I said, "School term", don't worry. This strip would be set at a university, but it would be quite different from the other high school/college strips out there. Not even slightly autobiographical, for starters. I'll give you a hint: take Animal House and all those other stupid 80 college/teen movies, "Weird Science", "Zapped", "Encino Man", and what have you...toss in a team superhero story...add copious drugs (and alcohol, and nudity)...insert blender...and hit "mulch". The result would be something like my planned strip, "Freak U.". We'll see how that goes.

5. And yes...one more thing. A self-contained (thank god) story that I would add to...whenever. I don't want to say more than that right now.

And you know what? I'd do EVEN MORE than this if I could find a good artist to work with. I'm taking submissions, folks!

If you really want to see all of the above...they're probably listed in descending order of priority, BTW...you can help it happen by tipping the cartoonist, thanks to the wonder of PayPal. The more money I make, the more of this stuff I can make happen.

Stay tuned, whatever of this stuff is going to actually happen, the rest of 2002 should be a pretty wild ride! Well, no. It will be a pleasant stroll through gardens of webcomic entertainment. How's that sound?

It's way too late to be writing this.
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