[RULES] Technique Tips and Tricks

Think your comic can improve? Whether it's art or writing, composition or colouring, feel free to ask here! Critique and commentary welcome.

[RULES] Technique Tips and Tricks

Postby STrRedWolf on Tue May 28, 2002 10:23 pm

I figured folks would want this in order to help aid their own comic's drawing style, rendering style, whatnot. Folks can come here with questions and have everyone else answer.

So what are the rules?

1. No spamming or off-topic posting in here. I carry the Wooden Mallet.
2. No flame wars. One technique is as valid or as good as another. Plus, that goes double with OS/Paint program flame wars... except for Microsoft Paint. That you can yell "GET GIMP!" at.
3. No acting like a primadonna, thinking your comic is the best. If you think you're so perfect, don't post here. Got it?
4. If you have reference material, please drop a direct URL to it.
5. Critiques about content should be posted in Comic Pitching. Style critiques can be posted here.

Questions? That's what the forum's for. :)
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Postby Mercury Hat on Tue Jun 13, 2006 9:00 am

These are unwritten rules we've been enforcing, I just thought I'd add them in here.
    6.) Limit the number of threads you make down to a bare minimum.
      It's tempting to make a new thread for every new comic page or drawing you put up, but it will clutter the forum fast. If you are asking for a critique on your comic or art style, it will be easier to keep things straight for you if you stick to one thread.

      This does not mean you get only one thread in here ever, obviously. If you asked for a critique on your archives a month or so ago and now have a bunch more pages you want assessed, make a new thread. However, if you just made a thread for a picture or your comic three days ago and have drawn a new one to be critqued, simply use the thread you already have.

      Note: asking for a critique on every single update or every single drawing you do will get on people's nerves and you will probably stop getting responses. Use TT&T to get you going, but don't depend on it to keep you running.
    7.) If asking for a critique, make sure there is enough for us to go on.
      This is especially important for someone asking for a comic critique, make sure you have enough in your archive or post for someone to form a solid critique for you. One page will get you responses, yes, but more pages will help others spot general trends you may have.

      You don't have to post up finished drawings, but give us something more than doodles to work with. Make sure the drawings are clear enough and cleaned up.
    8.) Make sure you are asking for advice.
      This isn't a vanity forum for people to just throw pictures at others and wait for the "oh this is good stuff!" responses. Ask specific questions like "how are my character designs", "is my foreshortening and perspective good", things like that.

As always, listen to the mod(s), follow the rules, and you'll have a grand old time :).
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