Artistic Process

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Artistic Process

Postby djracodex on Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:01 pm

One of my favorite things is to see how someone arts. I could probably spend hours reading/watching tutorials, videos and live-streams. Whether it's shading, coloring or even brain-storming, everyone's got a different artistic process that is unique to their style and what they do (too feel-goody-goody yet?). Every now and then, I'll find something I never thought of that would save me time (hold shift and draw to make a straight line in photoshop. Blew my freaking mind) or just make my crummy pieces look more finished (textures and masking, whaaat??)

So CG, here's mine for comicking

    >Access script - This sets my scene, what dialog, and what details I have to remember
    >Doodle the tiniest freaking thumbnail (1" x 2/3") of the whole page - Boxes, bubbles and stick figures I can shuffle and re-draw without wasting time on any detail
    >Get out that notepad (that I stole from work) and doodle up another thumbnail (4" x 3") - I set my frames, and get my characters and general background all fleshed out. Still, if I goof, it's no big deal. I'll put sizing and directional arrows that I will deal with in Ps. I'll write in sound effects as well
    >Get distracted and bored, go onto CG, make up a stupid forum thread for the hell of it - thanks for humoring me, you are contributing to my laziness
    >Don't use the scanner because it sucks, take a picture of my larger thumbnail with my phone and send it to my comp - Much higher quality of my sh*tty little sketch
    >Upload it to Ps - I open up my comictemplate.psd (which has my texture, pg #, and text folder already set up), resize to fit, shuffle frames around, and tweak my sketch however necessary
    >Establish text, and speech bubbles - A lot of artists (better artists) don't do this step til after they draw, but I have trouble leaving room for bubbles :(
    >Hide all text layers so anyone walking by won't judge you (any more than they already do) - but leave the bubbles, because they look very officially comic-like. You are doing a great job at this.
    >Ink that son of a nerf-herder! - While watching any of the following, because it's just background noise: Trashy reality TV, nature documentaries (preferably about sled-dogs, natural disasters, or dinosaurs), movies you think you really should see at least once, anime your roommates recommend
    >Color generic background shapes - Whole page, then panels, then large drawn backgrounds
    >Color the rest of it! - Adding in any patterns, or flat textures I'll want to shade.
    >Eat - carbs
    >Shade - One translucent layer of black is how I like it
    >I think I'm done? - haha haaah ahahaahahahahaaaaaa Never. Add in all that stuff I forgot, like details to backgrounds, add in some little rocks (b*tches love little rocks), any other effects strike my whimsy
    >I think I'm done now - Save that boss on max, date it for submission, realize I have a spelling error in the text and go get a beer.

That's pretty much how each page goes. So, I showed you mine, now you show me yours...
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