Mario Party 6 Drinking Game

Mario Party 6 Drinking Game

Postby King Author on Thu Jan 27, 2005 2:21 pm

The cast of KotOC supports responsible drinking. ALways make sure that nobody plans to be driving anywhere that night and to allow players to bow out gracefully when they think they've had enough. Challenging characters who's player has passed out is poor sportsmanship, but challenging characters who's players are just drunk off their ass is fair play.

Requirements: Mario Party 6 (duh)
Gamecube (also duh)
2-3 friends
3-4 controllers

Set up: (no drinks)
prepare a free-for-all game anyway you want. Chose any level.

Determining team order:
Highest roller = takes a drink
Lowest roller = takes a drink

On the board:
Rolling doubles = takes a drink
Rolling triples = takes two drinks

Somebody landing on the square you are on = takes a drink
Landing on the square somebody else is on = takes a drink for each person on the square
(ex: Toad lands on the same square Yoshi is in. They each take a drink. The same turn, Mario lands on the same square. Toad and Yoshi each take another drink and Mario takes two.)

Landing on somebody's trap/passing a trigger trap (such as the thwomp or the bob-omb) = take a drink
somebody lands on your trap/passing a trigger trap (such as the thwomp or the bob-omb) = take a drink

Purchasing/winning a star from the board = everybody else takes a drink
Losing a star to the board = take a drink
Would have lost a star to the board, but you didn't have any = Everybody else takes a drink
Losing a star to another player = take a drink

Landing on a Green square = Take a drink (Yoshi's squares don't count)

In battles the losers take a number of drinks equal to the number of losers on his dream. This means in a 2 on 2 game the losers take 2 drinks a piece. In a 3 on 1 game the 3-man team takes 3 drinks a piece if they lose and the 1-man team takes 1 drink if he looses.
Aditional rule: If the 3 man team wins but loses members in the process (in elimination games) then the falling members must take drinks equal to their number. (i.e. if just one character falls, he takes one drink. If two fall, they both take two drinks.) Regardless of how many fall, the one-man team still takes a drink unless he beats all three.

In individual games you take one drink for losing.

End of the game:
Win a bonus star = everybody else takes a drink

Those are the rules we used on New Years. Any suggestions or modifications?
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