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Cheers from the crowd

PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2004 12:17 am
by Mogman1
I'm just here as a fan giving my encouragement to the illustrious author, Owen Kuhn, to continue his efforts in his sprite-comicing. I have much enjoyed it and I hope that King Author can continue on with it.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 3:49 am
by King Author
Thanks. It's always great to hear some encouragement from my normally silent fans. I swear, judging by my hit rate compared to the activity on this message board, I think my comic is appealing to ninja's only.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 4:14 am
by Nilus
Or people like me who create accounts and never post.



*throws a smoke bomb*


PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2004 6:51 am
by DracoLord Haven X
Or people who rarley visit forums because they don't really have good experince with me. Anyway, keep up the good work, seriously. This is one of the few comics I visit on a regular to try the ninja escape!



*Throws a Smoke bomb, smoke clears, he's still standing there. They he runs away.*

PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2004 1:30 pm
by Bolo Unit_BRL of the Line
Dont worry, your comic also appeals to the fully armored sort as well- keep up the good work.