Wouldnt stand a chance against him?

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Wouldnt stand a chance against him?

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I always thought blackmoor was supposed to be a wussy businessman too. Like the CEOs in ff7. Lanz does seem to have more training, and in a one on one fight with just the swords, you'd think blackmoor would lose.

then again blackmoor has three divisions of specialty armies and one big general random army.

and why did blackmoors sword come with a nifty suit? huh? Anti Hero propoganda. At least he can't gain levels, so eventually Lans will catch up...

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As far as the 'good' sword not doing anything?

Well, obviously he hasn't tapped into its REAL POWER (TM)

Whereas evil things apparently give you much more leeway *nod*

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It's so obvious! Not only is Lanz morally opposed to Magicrystals, but Blackmore is the owner of the company who creates them, so naturally he kept the best ones for himself!