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Postby Flamebait on Tue Mar 12, 2002 8:24 am

Hello RPGers my name is Flamebait, and I will be the resident lamer who will stir from time to time only to be flamed or stir up the conversation.

If someone wants to say something they think is stupid but doesn't want to incase they get flamed, email me, message me, whatever, I will say it for you!!!

A public service brought to you by the letters F, F, and X

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Postby Chrono_Catfish on Tue Mar 12, 2002 3:08 pm

I refuse to believe anyone to whom capital letters are not a foreign language is a lamer before seeing proof.

*gets shot*
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Postby Flamebait on Wed Mar 13, 2002 12:11 pm

Sorry...caps in the right places is force of habit from working in IT for so long. MGMT is very picky about stuff like that.

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