Xizi Rawks, but...

Postby KingOfDoma on Mon Mar 04, 2002 7:37 am

How do you pronounce his name?
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Postby Xardion on Mon Mar 04, 2002 2:35 pm

I've always pronounced the "X" like a "Z", so its like "Zeezee."


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Postby EKDS5k on Mon Mar 04, 2002 10:16 pm

Yeah, no kidding. It's so simple. What were you thinking?
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Postby Moonstone Spider on Tue Mar 05, 2002 10:42 am

And here I was pronouncing it Zy Zy. Silly me.
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Postby GreasyI on Thu Mar 14, 2002 10:06 pm

I usually pronounce it as a Z, but if there's a Z nearby I like to make it sound cooler with a quick kz sound. So it's


But not a hard K! Most 'hard' consonants refer to messing up while being recorded on a microphone... But a hard K is like... Well try to breathe as little as possible after the k, you might have a tendency to make a sort of breathey k(ah)zeezee so it's tricky...

Anyway... This strip is awesome for FF7 strategy, ain't it? Mug always pissed me off... I think it might have a slighty higher success rate... But dang it would be cool if you could pick between steal and mug when you got mug.
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Postby Mercury_Alex on Mon Mar 18, 2002 8:45 am

Well, I actually seldom make use of Steal, I mean, what's the use?
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