Have a suggestion? POST IT HERE!!

Postby John Flaherty on Sat Apr 13, 2002 2:59 am

I'm just trying to help ya, Zina girl!

If ya have a suggestion, but ya don't wanna to inconvenience Zina, or don't wanna flood her email, post it here! She'll probably see it, and might take yer suggestion!(something I really doubt:P)

I don't have any suggestion, but I might post something later...
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Postby Osiris2 on Sat Apr 13, 2002 4:29 am

hmmmm i suggest you co star a hovercraft full of eels :grin:
lol but then again i would suggest something like that wouldnt i
ahhh well insanity is fun for me if no scary for u guys !!!!!!!

NOOOOO the cute little rabit its attacking
Run Away.........RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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