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Eh, seemed to remember this being mentioned over at FPL...anywho, site design could use some work, as I cannot tell the forward/back buttons from the background, and, speaking of background, the comic's background could use some work...

...otherwise, the comics's pretty good, could use some stronger punchlines, but it's doable. All in all, I give it a 5 out of 10.

Oh, it'd be a shame to leave without plugging my comic, now wouldn't it?

<a href="kawaii.keenspace.com">You know..</a>

Eh, I may not be back to read more, considering I already read about 8 webcomics, but, thought it was worth a look-over at least once. Can't say the comic lives up to the "sonic on crack" image...meh.

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Hey, I never said this was high-quality humor...just look at some of my linking banners.

But hey, as long as I gave you a chuckle, it was worth it.
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Nipples are funny.
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TOXIC AVENGER! wrote:Nipples are funny.
As are penises. A scientist who worked out how to put nipples on a penis would destroy the world with DEADLY HILARITY.
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