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Postby K-Dawg on Wed Apr 06, 2005 6:20 am

Anyone going to this? I think Keff said she had a booth there; and Pimpette tells me she may go as well. I'm still debating it. :(

Oh and for those who don't know Anime North is held in Ontario, near the end of May I do believe.

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Postby Keffria on Wed Apr 06, 2005 2:56 pm

May 27th to 29th -- here's the site.

I don't have a booth, exactly ... I'll probably be helping out at someone else's, hawking kitty-ear hats and possibly selling Feyenne t-shirts, if I can get motivated enoug to design some. ^^

(And only if I can find the money to go to Toronto...)
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Postby Grabmygoblin on Wed Apr 06, 2005 3:24 pm

actually I was thinking about it, and CJ mentioned something about it to me. :P
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